iHydraulicS integration partner Rexroth

iHydraulicS integration partner Rexroth

iHydraulicS has been appointed by Bosch Rexroth as a “Solution Partner” – system integrator – for compact hydraulics.

This makes iHydraulicS a Rexroth partner for solutions, at which, with our specific knowledge and experience, ensuring the design, assembly and commissioning of complete hydraulic (sub) systems.

iHydraulicS is an innovative supplier of hydraulic components and total solutions (including electro-hydraulic control systems). In cooperation with Rexroth, we deliver innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions.

For you this results in;

  • One address for hydraulic components and customer-specific solutions
  • Large stock of components
  • “Up-to-date” technical knowledge with Rexroth backup

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