Hydraulic components

We supply an extensive and very complete program of hydraulic components. Thanks to the large amount of stock in hand and an efficient processing of orders you can count on short delivery periods.

We import products from various well-known brands and are a dealership of, among others, Bosch-Rexroth, Interpump (Walvoil, Galtech, MTC, PZB), Casappa, Ikron, Hydronit, OMT, EPE Italiana, and Olmec.

Product information for products of various companies can be found in the folder downloads.


filtersDownload “Ikron filters

In every hydraulic system filth particles are produced which contaminate the oil. Filth causes more wear and tear of the component. In order to lengthen and ensure the service life of a hydraulic system the oil must be filtered continuously.

We are more than willing to advise you concerning your choice of filter.

Our selection is composed of:

  • pressure filters (including high pressure)
  • return-line filters
  • suction filters
  • de-aeration filters
  • accessories such as contamination indicators
Directional control (valves)

Download “Monoblock/sectional valves

iHydraulics supplies Walvoil’s complete range of (directional)valves.


Monoblock valves

  • valve housing constructed of a single casting
  • available in up to 6/7 components
  • types SD5, SD11, SD18


Sectional valves

  • made-of separate components
  • up to and including 12 components possible
  • types SD 6, SDS150, SDS180, SD25, SDS400

Valve specifications for both types

  • operating pressures up to 315 bar;
  • manual, hydraulic and pneumatic;
  • electrically, electro-hydraulically, and electro-pneumatically operated;
  • equipped with a pressure limitation valve;
  • intake equipped with non-return valve (monoblock);
  • every component equipped with non-return valve (sectional build);
  • sensitive oil-dosaging available

Advantages of sectional build

  • function valves can be built in to the spools directly;
  • easily adapted at later stages.
Load-sensing valves, pressure compensated and "flow-sharing"

Download “Load-Sensing valves”

ventiel_loadsenseThe Walvoil Load-sensing valves have the following properties;

  • Built-up out of separate sections
  • Pressure compensated (LS)
  • Types DPC130, DPC200, DPX
  • With “flow-sharing”, types DPX050, DPX100, DPX160

Valve specifications

  • operating pressures up to 420 bar;
  • DPC; up to 240 l/min, 10 sections;
  • DPX; up to 160 l/min, 12 sections;
  • manual, hydraulic and pneumatic control;
  • electrically, electro-hydraulically, and electro-pneumatically controlled;
  • electro-hydraulic with integrated electronics.



  • Energy saving
  • Less heat production
  • Longer lifespan of the components
  • Sound reduction
  • Simultaneous, load independent use of functions
  • Proportional regulation of the flowrate
  • Control even when the pump flow is insufficient
CETOP directional valves

Download “LC / Bosch Rexroth CETOP

  • IMG_2396available in sizes 2,3,5,7 and 8;
  • electrically powered on/off valves;
  • proportional valves;
  • amplifier cards;
  • Manually operated valves;
  • controlled check valves;
  • crossed pressure relief valves;
  • adjustable throttle valves;
  • pressure-compensated flow-regulator valves;
  • reducing valves;
  • sequencing valves;
  • directional valves with start delay;
  • poppet valves;
  • roller operated valves;
  • commutation elements

The standard CETOP valves can be constructed on one of the many available mounting plates.


pompDownload “catalogi OMFB handpompen

Our hand pumps are suitable for single acting and double acting systems. Single acting hand pumps are used when the cylinder is pushed back by the pressure. Hand pumps are often used as back-up system in hydraulic systems.

The hand pumps are available as loose pumps but also complete with tank, shut-off valve, relief valve, 4/2 way valve etc.

You have a choice out of various stroke volumes and tank sizes.



Download “Walvoil ventielen

Download “MTC product overview

A valve for every hydraulic application:

  • over-pressure valves
  • electrically powered over-pressure valves
  • crossed over-pressure valves (single)
  • crossed over-pressure valves (double)
  • adjustable throttle valves
  • check valves
  • controlled check valves (single)
  • controlled check valves (double)
  • reducing valves
  • balance valves (single)
  • balance valves (double)
  • sequencing valves
  • shuttle valves
  • etc


Download “IRA koelers RO series

Download “IRA koelers RAL series

Functional control of the oil temperature in hydraulic systems has the following advantages:

  • a lengthened service-life of the hydraulic oil;
  • lengthened lifespan of hoses and seals;
  • less machine stoppage!;
  • efficiency improvement due to reduced oil loss through leakage;
  • safer working conditions due to lower system temperature.

We supply water-oil coolers and air-oil coolers.


The differences between these two sorts of coolers are:

  • water-oil coolers are often cheaper in the initial purchase;
  • water-oil coolers require less space;
  • air-oil cooling is often the only solution for mobile machines;
  • leakage is noticed immediately when using air-oil coolers;
  • air-oil coolers are easier to clean than water-oil coolers;
  • air-oil coolers are cheaper in use than water-oil coolers.


Download “Epe – bladder accumulators

The selection of accumulators consists mainly of membrane- and balg-accumulators.

In the standard range, these accumulators are available with a capacity of 0,10 – 50 liters and with operating pressures of up to 330 bar.

In addition to this range we supply:

  • suction accumulators;
  • battery racks and fastening material;
  • safety blocks
  • overpressure valves
  • nitrogen back-up bottles
  • loaders
  • various accessories and spare-parts
Pumps and motors

Download “Casappa pompen-motoren

Our selection of pumps and motors consists of Casappa’s plunger pumps, rotary-vane pumps, gear pumps and motors and Settima’s screw pumps.


Gear pumps and motors

Casappa’s Polaris gear pumps and motors are constructed in an aluminum housing and are built to be able to withstand high pressure.

The wide choice of axels, flanges and ports, all in compliance with international standards (SAE, DIN and EUROPEAN), allow for their use in an infinite variety of applications.

Features of these motors and pumps are;

  • high efficiency
  • Integrated bearings for heavy duty applications
  • Availability of multiple pumps in standard version
  • stroke volumes; 1.07 cm3 / rotation to 91,10 cm3 / rotation
  • peak pressure up to 300 bar
  • speed up to 4000 rotations/min


Plunger pumps, variable pumps and screw pumps

  • various designs
  • volume and pressure control (LS)
  • various control types, among others electrical

Screw pumps

For many years, Settima has invested in techniques aimed at reducing the noise emissions of the working pumps and has, in keeping with this, brought the Continuum Product Line to market.

The design of these pumps has eliminated the so-called chambers in which pressure, caused by the compressed oil, is built up. Besides this the screw pumps are characterized by their gentle rotation with no pulsation. The screw pumps are used in machine and ship building, hydraulic drive systems and portable machinery such as forklifts.

Connecting components


Reliability and flexibility are of great importance when assembling, mounting and installing hydraulic drive systems. A small, but very important, part of this, are the connections between the functions of the system.

Our large selection consists of high-quality cutting ring fittings that are in compliance with the DIN2353 standards, and are supplied by suppliers of the highest quality.

Cutting ring fittings

Besides being used in drive systems, cutting ring fittings with various kinds of threads and seals are also available as loose sale products.

The following cutting ring fittings are available from stock:

  • straight connectors and fittings;
  • elbow connectors and fittings;
  • swivel connectors and fittings;
  • f-connectors and fittings;
  • t-connectors and fittings;
  • elbow pipe and bulkhead connectors
Hose reels

Download “Slang-kabelhaspels – overzicht

Hansa - hose reel

We supply hose and cable reels in various types.

We are more than happy to advise you in this matter.