Hydraulic drive systems

We supply custom made hydraulic drive systems. Based on your specifications we design, build, install and maintain your hydraulic system. This ranges from simple-compact units up to and including sophisticated hydraulic drive systems including electro-hydraulic (plc) control and turnkey delivery. Delivery with certification is a possibility.

Complete delivery and installation as well as a sound product knowledge is one of iHydraulics unique qualities.

Our own engineering department, combined with skilled personnel and a well outfitted workplace are a guarantee for an excellent final product.

Hydraulic drive systems

Units are assembled using high quality hydraulic components, thus ensuring high performance reliability. In consultation with you, the units are designed and built according to your wishes and demands.



Standard units

Our standard units are constructed as follows:

  • steel CETOP tank including gauge glass and intake sluice
  • electromotor, bell housing and flexible connectors


Custom made units


Return filter, filler cap/venting and pressed coupling are mounted in the lid of the unit. The units are constructed according to your wishes and demands in order to make them optimally suited for their specific use.

Units can also be fitted with a fuel driven engine.


Compact units

We have ample supply of the components needed to assemble customized compact units.

The units have the following specifications:

  • PPCSnowPloughelectromotor 3-phase 230/400VAC, 1-phase 230VAC, 12,/24/48 VDC
  • DC motors up to 4 kW
  • AC motors up to 7.5 kW
  • p-maximum to 300 bar
  • pump output from 0.2 to 25 l/min
  • electrical lowering valve with pressure compensation
  • NG6-valve IEC connector or only pressed and tank connector
  • steel or synthetic tank 0.4 to 30 liters
  • filler cap with venting filter against dust penetration
  • suction filter and/or return filter
  • pressure control valve in accordance with DIN norms
  • various accessories, such as remote control and pressure sensors.


  • well thought-out and tested design
  • very reliable
  • relatively quiet
  • industrial construction
  • parts available worldwide
  • parts also available after many years
  • extensive documentation
  • excellent service


Pneumatic-Hydraulic Units

Download “Pneumohydraulic pump P820” hereP826M

We are supplier of the assortment of Olmec, a leading supplier of pneumatically driven hydraulic units.

In addition to these units Olmec also produces boosters and high-pressure clamping cylinders.